Kids Eat Free

Kids Eat Free


Kids Eat Free

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We do try to keep this information as up to date as possible, but we do suggest that you contact the restaurant before you go!


Also if you have a great restaurant that kids eat free at please feel free to contact us and we will add it to the site !!! Just Leave a Comment!


I hope you will enjoy the kids eat free section of our site. While this is a fairly new concept on this site, I fully intend to make the Kids eat Free section Fully interactive in the next few months. I have every intention of allowing each visitor to be able to search by zip code or by state, and you can count that this will be something that will happen. Completely Coupons was built around the idea of saving families money, so this has become a personal goal of mine to get the site to be at a point that it is easily searchable for families to find kids eat free friendly restaurants for each day of the week!

The Kids eat free portion of this site covers the main restaurants that kids eat free and each night of the week.

If you happen to know of a different restaurant that also offers kids eat free please let us know and we will update the list. Also as I said before Kids Eat free restaurants come and go quickly, so please be sure to call the restaurant before you go that way there is no dissapointment when you get there.

Also if you intend to use a coupon also with the restaurant I suggest you call ahead and ask if that is acceptable, while most restaurants I have been to do not mind, there are some that will not allow kids eat free with a coupon. As always be sure to tip the Waitress or waiter on the full amount of the check, people who dont give couponers a bad name. They did not give you half service because you have a coupon, so dont give them half a tip.

Remember, get to the kids eat free restaurants early, they tend to fill up and depending on the restaurant, you dont want to be stuck waiting all night with grouchy hungry kids.

Be Sure to check out the ” Restaurant Coupons ” section of this site, (Found at the top of every Page)

In case your favorite restaurant does not offer kids eat free



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